Indiana School for the Deaf and Indiana Association of the Deaf have this long-standing relationship that goes back decades and decades of collaboration. Both the school and the Association have this desire for the families of deaf children to be able to communicate with their deaf child and provide a wholesome home/school/social environment to that child.

ISD has given IAD a space to call home, to teach American Sign Language to community members, families, and businesses. With that in mind, ISD and IAD have an agreement that if the families of ISD students wish to take ASL classes, they can come to IAD and take our courses for free.

Of course, with an incentive to do the courses for free, you will need to register and submit an initial payment of $125.00 dollars to purchase the required book, Signing Naturally Student’s Workbook Unit 1-6. The book may be purchased through us for $85.00 dollars (non-refundable nor returnable).

You will need to complete all three ASL levels (ASL 101, ASL 201, ASL 301) in three consecutive sessions. For example, if you register for ASL 101, you will need to take ASL 201 the following session and then ASL 301 in order to be eligible for the refund of $125 dollars. Refund will be made at the completion of ASL 301 course.

For the ASL 201 and ASL 301 registration, no payment is expected. You will be automatically enrolled. If you decline to participate in the automated enrollment, you will not be eligible for a refund and your enrollment will be cancelled in its entirety. If you decide to participate in the next session, you will be expected to pay regular registration fees.

Definition of Family – Parent(s), legal guardian(s), siblings, and grandparent(s). Aunts, uncles and cousins may be considered. We will confirm the relationship between family and the deaf child through the Superintendent’s Office.